Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gaya Si Comel Berhari Raya 2011

This is the first time Damia wears baju kurung. At 1 year old, she just can't keep her legs to herself. Managed to capture this picture during first day of Raya while she was running around the house. Look at how ecstatic she is!

Name : Nur Damia Sofea
Age : 1 year & 5 months old

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can't keep up with blogging

Hmm, i originally wanted this blog to be a personal diary for me and my little dolly damia, and along with stories of our family. But it has been months since my last update. Oh dear, i just can't keep up. Damia takes all my time now and all that i can focus right now. She demands my attention every time i am around. Meaning that if am not working, that i am at home,  i have to be in a distance that she can view me well. When i start doing something else, she will take my hand and gets me to sit down with her and play.

At 17 months, there's so much she can do. She is getting so smart and techie just like her daddy. We got an Ipad for her and that's all she wants to play. Spoiled might be the word too but we also try to find something educational so she doesn't spend her time only playing games. Well educational games are exceptional :)

Funny thing is she seems to call me "awak" as how me and hubby call each other. *Sigh. she picked that up very well. Now i am trying to correct her but saying " No, it's mummy, dear.." or "No, it's daddy, dear.." and not "awak".

On a personal note, me and hubby is planning something BIG this sunday. It is something that we have been talking for quite some time. Let's hope this piece of news finds it's way into a new entry on this blog. Oh if time permits! Alright, until then.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hello all,

By now, damia is already almost 14 months. She just recovered from fever, second one since her birth.This time it's accompanied by flu and cough, poor little fella! Well, each of us-daddy, mummy & damia had fever eversince we came back from Korea.

Progress Update:

Walking : Been walking since she's 1 year and 2 weeks old.Good job dear!

Speech : Not so much, still baby-talking. We can hear "mmbakk", "kkakakk" (sounds like kakak),"awakkkk"(which i think didn't mean anything).

Social skills : Very friendly.She just walks up to anyone with toddlers and start baby talking to their kids, as if she is trying really hard to tell something.Hehe, funny.

She is a picky eater right now. She eats anything before, now she only wants whatever we are eating.

cheeky face!

loves to walk

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damia turns oNe!

Happy birthday sayang! Mommy and daddy loves you very much...

We held a small birthday party for our lil baby, eh nope. She is a toddler now :P . Big girl .
Here are some pictures :


the guests and MIL

my sweet gal!

uncle Izzat

Aunty farah

With a friend..hehe

good, sharing is caring :P

nangis pulak

Present from atuk!

With another friend :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ipad for ME please!

The title is in bahasa melayu but i'm writing in english. I still want to maintain as the first time i decided to blog was to improve my writing skills.

Ok, but this is not the point here.It has been such a longgg time since i've written my last post.I have not even continued my posts on our last Australia trip.Let's find time for that later.

But then..............
Something sparkled my interest! I have always followed this blog quietly the interesting articles on Shaklee ( yes i consume Shaklee!). I have always liked the tips on supplements, breastfeeding, baby stuffs,etc. Oh i am a new mum too! Ok maybe not so new as Damia, my little angel is already 10 months old.

Now,i am not a gadget person but i am particularly fond of the Ipad as i see several things that might be useful for me and Damia. You see Damia likes to punch on my laptop whenever i use it. I thought of using the laptop to teach her things, like simple words.or let her watch educational cartoons so she can start building her vocabulary. Currently i'm using an office laptop at home so i'm quite worried that she might "destroy" it. Haha. Ipad is easier in my opinion with the touch screen feature. My baby wouldn't tap or hit the keypads so hard that might end up damaging it. It's light and mobile too. I want to read to Damia whenever we are together at home, so with Ipad, u take it along and you can read it like a book. With a bright and crisp text look, i'm sure damia is going to enjoy it. You know how kids are with bright things :)

Oh i have never won anything online, if this goes through, i'm the happiest mummy in whole world! :p

Last but not least ;)
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Damia & Measles

Oh dear, i can't just find time to update this blog. Entries on Gold Coast trip has to be postponed first :p

Damia has just recovered from measles.It all started with a fever on 28th Dec 2010, at night.Lasted for 3 days.Daddy has to go to Singapore the next day, so all of us planned to stay at Selayang until Friday.I was on leave on 29th as i was worried if the fever gets worse. She took fever meds and was fine during the day, but come night, her temperatures started to spike up. Poor baby can't sleep well at night.This time we notice some red spots behind her back but didn't thought it could be measles.On the 30th then, Ayah brought Damia to the clinic just be sure. It turns out it was really measles! That night, spots became clearer and very obvious the next day. Despite having fever and i guess itchiness all over her body, she played and ate as usual. Good girl.

And if i do find time, i'll upload a picture of Damia where you can see the spots! Hehe